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has been specializing in tours since 2000. We started with one 15 passenger van and only 300 customers the first year. In 2012 we took more than 42,000 customers to the Grand Canyon South Rim, Grand Canyon West Rim, Hoover Dam, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

In 2007 we purchased our first full sized coach and expanded our customer service to include Charter Service.
We offer in town transfers for the local schools, churches, individuals and we are very proud to be able to help the convention industry transfer their guests from the airport to hotel and convention center.

Number of Christianson Tours Visitors throught the Years

Our Purpose

For years, I have been working hard at my company without knowing the purpose of its existence. I was only focused on making money to feed the family and to grow the company. Fortunately, I found some old photos I took of my customers a few days ago. The photos must have been at least 15 years old! They definitely brought back a lot of memories–people’s happy faces, their stories, and their amazed expression when they saw the canyon for the first or for the umpteenth time. I wonder how could I forget it.

Then it hit me. Something that I have known all along, all these years, but I have never put them in words.


“The purpose of Christianson Tours is to seek our happiness through the happiness of others.”

There is a story I would like to share with you. One day, I had an old lady on my bus. I cannot remember her name; all I could remember now is that she was from the UK. As I was explaining how the canyon formed to her, I saw tears rolled down her cheeks. I asked her if she was all right. She turned to me as said she was fine. She said, “I cried because my husband passed away last year. For so long, I wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but I have always been terrified of flying. Since I am alone now, what have I got to lose? So I decided to come. It is beautiful and I had made my dream come true.”

an old lady at the edge of the grand canyon

There are so many other beautiful stories I would love to share with you that I learned from many of my customers. From backpackers to engineers, from blue-collar workers to doctors… But the story of this old lady stuck with me the most. I guess the most moving story will always be with us.


Her story has taught me two things:
• Each year, as a family, we will travel together to two places of their dreams. We never know when will be our last day.
• So many people had impacted my life from the short journeys of our trips together, one person at a time.


I would be more than happy to bring you to the Grand Canyon. Contact us for your next adventure, and become part of the Christianson Tours story!

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For more information or with any questions, please call (702) 456-9200 or fill out the form below and one of our Tour Agents will get back to you.

Our Mission

“Helping people to see the visions of their dreams,
through the visions of their dreams,
they will find the purpose of their lives”.


Dedication to the highest quality of customer service and enable people to be connected to the destination of their dream.
We want all our constituencies to view our company as a good community organization with high levels of service and principles.

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We take responsibility for quality

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We deliver customer satisfaction

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We act with integrity in all we do

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