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Choose between our West Rim and South Rim tours when you plan your next adventure at the Grand Canyon. Grand view, great hikes, unforgettable trip—visitors are never left short of their expectations.

There are a lot of things you can see on any Grand Canyon visit, and there is so much more you will be amazed to discover.

Experience the Grand Canyon with Christianson Tours.

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Best Seasons:Autumn & Spring

Which Grand Canyon Rim Tour Is For You?

No question about it. The journey to and from the South Rim is long. It is a 14 plus hour day. If you are worry about spending many hours sitting on the bus, then you should consider the West Rim. Many people asked what the differences between the West Rim and the South Rim are. We will put the tow rim side by side to make your decision easier.

South Rim

West Rim

Round trip from Las Vegas :

600 miles 

230 miles

Elevation :

7500 feet above sea level

4500 feet above sea level

Operate by which organization :

National Park Services 

Hualapai Nation

Different views :


Desert landscape

The canyon :

Wider and deeper 


Colorado River View :

Difficult to see between 

Mather Point and the Village

You cannot missed it.

Tour duration :

14 to 15 hours plus 

11+ hours


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