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If you decide to head to the Grand Canyon West instead of taking a helicopter or plane tour from the Las Vegas area, there are several tours and sightseeing activities available on arrival.

Colorado River from Dead Horse Point State Park

What’s in Grand Canyon West??

Grand Canyon West Look-out Points & Activities – Private cars are not allowed in the park, so you can use the free shuttle service to various viewpoints and activities. The important aspects are:

Eagle Point Viewpoint

Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

At Eagle Point, there are tours of Native American villages with replicas of real dwellings from various Native American tribes. The amphitheater hosts all-day live performances of Native Americans depicting different tribes. Visit the arts and gift shop for authentic Native American jewelry and crafts handmade.

Guano Point

Guano Point at Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Guano Point is a rocky pyramid peak that offers the most beautiful views of the Grand Canyon West and the Colorado River. High-point hikes have rugged terrain, but the scenery is worth a visit. Guano Point is home to the remains of a historic tram that stretches 8,800 feet across the canyon to the Guano mine. Enjoy the Huara Pie Market, which sells jewelry and handicrafts.

Hualapai Ranch

Hualapai Ranch - Hualapai Village at Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

The Western-style ranch features cowboy entertainment with rappelling and high-speed pulls and wagon rides. There is also a hut for overnight quests.

Helicopter Flights & Pontoon Boat tours

Helicopter Tours at Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Helicopter flights are available from the Grand Canyon West Airport, which runs from the edge of a 4,000-foot cliff to the floor of the canyon. It’s great to stand on the floor of a canyon with steep cliffs overhead! Add a pontoon boat tour to make your rim-to-floor experience even more impressive. A journey down the famous Colorado River in the Grand Canyon gives you a true perspective on the magnificence and splendor of the natural wonders of this world.

Skywalk Glass Bridge

Skywalk Glass Bridge at Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

Unique and beautiful, the Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge is a horseshoe with a glass floor that straddles the edge of a 4,000-foot fall to the floor of the Grand Canyon West. Walking on the bridge is exciting and a little scary, but don’t worry. The glass is actually five layers of glass about 2.5 inches thick, and the bridge can support up to 71 million pounds. There is a flat admission fee to the Skywalk Bridge, and personal belongings, including cameras, are not allowed on the bridge to protect the glass. After a walk, you will have the opportunity to take a professional photo and buy it.

At Grand Canyon West, you can raft on the whitewater river for one day

Hualapai River Runners

Hualapai River Runners at Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

There is a great opportunity to raft the mighty Colorado River in the Grand Canyon West. The tour is run by the Warapai Indians and begins and returns in Peach Springs, Arizona. Along the river is a mixture of rapids and smooth water. The Hualapai Guide describes the history and culture of the Hualapai people, as well as the wildlife and geology of the region. Hike to the natural waterfall, Travertine Falls, and enjoy lunch on the banks of the river.

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