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Visiting the West Rim of the Grand Canyon: What to Expect

Grand Canyon Tour at The West Rim

West Rim Grand Canyon Tour should be on your bucket list. If you’re planning a vacation in Las Vegas, we recommend adding a day trip to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Both West and South Rim tours are offered by local Vegas tour suppliers such as Christianson Tours. While the South Rim tour is more crowded and has more walkable terrain, the West Rim is secluded and feels like a complete escape.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

The West Rim Grand Canyon Tour offers a variety of interesting sights and attractions. This tour is usually longer than the South Rim Tour and will keep you engaged and interested for most of the day. Before heading into the canyon, guests will get acquainted with the journey with the first stop at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Below is an overview of some of the attractions, activities, and sights mentioned.

Eagle Point – West Rim

eagle point at grand canyon west rim

Any West Rim Grand Canyon tours include a visit to Eagle Point. This spot in the park features an amphitheater that hosts Native American performances. Stop by the gift shop to browse Native American jewelry and crafts.

The Skywalk Bridge

Grand Canyon Skywalk - Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

Shaped like a horseshoe, this beautiful glass bridge juts out over a 4,000-foot drop over the canyon. Walking on the bridge is scary and exhilarating. But don’t let your fears get you down. The walkway of the bridge consists of five layers of glass, each about 2.5 inches (about 2.5 inches) thick. This structure can also hold a significant amount of weight, about 71 million pounds. To protect the projection, visitors are not allowed to bring personal items such as cameras onto the platform. Therefore, you cannot take pictures while walking on the bridge.

Hualapai Ranch

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours - Hualapai Ranch

This western ranch offers cowboy entertainment in the form of rappels and wagon rides. You can also book accommodation in one of his campground cabins if you want to stay overnight.

Guano Point

guano point at grand canyon west rim

Shaped like a pyramid, this rocky outcrop offers some of the best views in this part of Grand Canyon Park. This is reason enough to plan a West Rim Grand Canyon tour during your Las Vegas vacation. Climb the High Point Hike or admire the tram tracks that once led him 8,000 feet to the guano mine. The Hualapai Tribe sells handcrafted jewelry and crafts locally.

Pontoon Tours and Helicopter Flights

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours - Helicopter Flight

You can cruise the Colorado River on a pontoon boat or enjoy a helicopter ride from the regional airport to the canyon floor. Looking up at the sheer cliffs and admiring the majestic scenery is exceptional. Pontoon tours or helicopter flights must be booked for multi-day trips.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Whether you’re visiting Vegas or the Grand Canyon, Christianson Tours can provide a Grand Canyon tour that is tailored to fit into your vacation. Get in touch with us online if you need more information.

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